Date: 22 Nov 2013
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Security Roller Shutter Doors

Security Roller Shutter Doors are generally push up, pull down operated and can be used in a variety of situations from securing windows and door openings to covering bar counters and other such vulnerable areas.

They can also be operated by means of an electric tube motor.

Technical Specification

Barrel – Constructed from a mild steel tube which encases the counter balance spring(s) and purpose built shaft supports.
Curtain – Normally constructed from 75mm wide traditional galvanised lath section.  Variations to this include 50mm flat sections and perforated/punched sections.  A galvanised ‘L’ section bottom rail is fitted to the bottom of the curtain, which incorporates zinc plated lifting handles.
Standard Finish – Galvanised
Guides – Constructed from galvanised rolled sections suitably sized for the application, which are in turn secured to galvanised steel angles (incorporating security fixings).
Standard Finish – Guides galvanised, angles one coat grey primer unless otherwise specified.
End Plates- Suitably sized for the application, the end plates are secured to the guide angles, their purpose being to support the barrel mechanism.
Standard Finish – Zinc Plated
Hood – The hood is formed from galvanised steel sheet, suitably sized to suit the application.  Its purpose is to encase the barrel mechanism.
Standard Finish – Galvanised
Locking – Various types of locking mechanism are available:- Pin locks, Bottom rail locks, Lath locks
Preference to be specified at time of ordering.

Optional Extras

  • Plastisol finish to lath sections/hood(external face only)
  • Powder coated finish

Optional Extras on Electrically Operated Doors

  • Push buttons
  • Remote control
  • Key switch
  • Photo cell
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