Date: 22 May 2013
Cat: Products

RMS Combi Door System

The COMBI DOOR SYSTEM from R.M.S. offers security and a very efficient high speed door system all in one compact unit. There is no need for unsightly sheeting between two doors which not only takes up valuable floor space but also makes general maintenance difficult and time consuming.

External Construction

The security door (external) can be manufactured from a variety of materials.

Traditional 75 mm scrolled lath sections can be powder coated, plastisol coated or plain galvanised.  25 mm Heavy duty insulated lath sections can be powder coated, plastisol coated, galvanised or any combination of the above.

Internal Construction

The rapid door (internal) is manufactured from a 2 ply PVC material with a polyester weave to give added strength (various colours are available).

Modular Design

The curtain is of a modular design, made up in sections, which are joined with a heavy duty aluminium wind bar extrusion.  This permits full width window sections to be fitted.  The curtain is finished with a powder coated aluminium bottom rail, incorporating a self monitoring safety edge.

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