Date: 22 Apr 2013
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PVC strip curtains

The PVC strip curtain offers a cost conscious method of reducing the problems of noise, draughts, spray, dust and fumes etc.  they allow unhindered access with total visibility.  Perfect two-way vision make the product safe for both pedestrian and fork lift traffic and they are guaranteed to reduce heat loss from exposed building entrances.

Technical Specification

Hanging System

Top hangers are usually manufactured from stainless steel which allows the strips to be moved or changed without the need for tools.  An aluminium hanging system is also available for very high openings.


Manufactured from top quality PVC, strips are available in various widths and thicknesses:-

Strip sizes Application
100 x 1.2mm
100 x 2mm
Recommended for display cabinets etc
200 x 2mm
200 x 3mm
Pedestrian Access
300 x 2mm
300 x 3mm
Pedestrian/Fork lift access/Small openings
400 x 2.5mm
400 x 4mm
Vehicular Access

Overlap Type

Available in single or double overlap.

Range of optional extras include:-

  • Side Marker Strips
  • Bumper Strips
  • Cold Store Grade PVC
  • Sliding Track
  • Green PVC (for welding bays)
  • Electric Operation
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