Date: 22 Oct 2013
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Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

Again these doors can be tailor-made to suit most openings and have the added benefit of insulated panels, for applications where a higher level of insulation and weather resistance is required.
They have a pleasing appearance which is combined with ease of operation.

A range of special features are also available.

Technical Specification

Panels – Insulated door panels are constructed from 0.7mm or 0.5mm galvanised steel sheets, bonded together with C.F.C. free polyurethane foam with integral thermal breaks, to provide a U value of 0.45w/m2 °C. The combined effect of the panel insulation properties together with the effect of the thermal bridges at the panel to panel joints, results in an overall U value of 0.60w/m2°C.
This value exceeds building regulation requirements.
Standard finish – White polyester stucco, both sides.
End Caps – Each panel is fitted with galvanised punched end caps, to accept adjustable roller carriers and rollers.  The rollers generally have a steel shaft, nylon running surface and ball race bearing.
Hinges – Each door panel is connected to its adjoining panel  by means of side hinge roller carriers and intermediate hinges at approximate 1000mm centres.
Tracks – Cold rolled 2mm thick galvanised steel track with bends which are pre-formed in pairs to ensure smooth operation.  The tracks are secured in the opening structure by vertical support angles and from the roof structure by fixing hangers.  Spring buffers are provided to the back tracks to ensure operating cables are always tensioned.
Furniture – As standard all manual doors come with footstep handle and spring loaded shoot bolt, fitted the the right hand side of the door (viewed from the inside).
Springs – Calculated to suit the weight of each door, springs are fitted to a 1” solid steel shaft and secured to the opening structure via bearing plates.  The number of springs and plates depend on the size of the door, we recommend a full width RSC be installed to accept these.  To the ends of the shafts are fitted grooved aluminium cable drums on which the operating cables run.
Seals – Flexible black rubber seals are fitted to all four sides.  Top seal compresses against the lintel and bottom seal has 3 points of contact with threshold.  We recommend threshold is finished with a small incline away from the opening.
Operation – Doors in excess of 3000mm x 3000mm come with chain hoist.  Doors of smaller size are provided with pull chain.  Electric operations is also available at extra cost.
Range of optional extras:-
  • Electric Operation
  • Special finish to external face of panels
  • Full width single and double glazed aluminium panoramic door panels.
  • Wicket Gate
  • Ventilation Grilles
  • Cable break device with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Spring break device
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
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