Date: 22 Nov 2013
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Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors are suitable for a variety of applications and are both economical and robust, making them one of the most popular type of industrial door on the market.

Each door is individually tailored to suit the customer’s requirements and can be manually or electrically operated.

Roller shutter doors can be manufactured up to a size of 64 square metres.
All doors are individually tailored to suit the customer’s own requirements and can include a range of special features.

Technical Specification

 Barrel- Constructed from a mild steel tube which encases the counter balance spring(s).  The castings mounted within the barrel have either oil light bushes or sealed roller bearings to allow the barrel to run freely on the support shafts.
Curtain – Constructed from 75mm wide traditional lath section, the gauge of which is determined by the size of the door.  A galvanised T-section bottom rail is fitted to the bottom of the curtain.
Guides – Constructed from galvanised rolled sections, suitably sized for the application, which in turn are secured to mild steel angles.  Wind locked guides may be fitted if the position of the door is susceptible to adverse weather conditions.
Standard Finish – Guides galvanised, angle one coat of grey primer unless otherwise specified.
End Plates – Suitably sized for the application and no less than 5mm thick, the end plates are sited above the guide angles.  Their purpose is to support the barrel mechanism.
Standard Finish – One coat of grey primer.
Locking – A locking box is supplied as standard with all industrial roller shutter doors.  It’s purpose being to lock off the hauling chain/manual override chain.

Optional Extras

  • Hood/Canopy/Motor Cover
  • Plastisol/Powder coated finish
  • Weather/Brush strips
  • Wicket gate

Optional Extra on Electrically Operated Doors

  • Safety edge to bottom rail
  • Photo cells
  • Remote Control
  • Timed return
  • Inductive loop
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